Grupo Bimbo Always with Mexican Families

Faced with the situation of uncertainty and concern that is being experienced due to the global impact of COVID-19, we have taken measures to operate safely and responsibly, while protecting our associates, strengthening our commitment so that our products are not missing from your table

Our actions to cope with this situation

At Grupo Bimbo we know now more than ever the importance of staying united during these difficult and uncertain times. 

You know that you can count on us, and we know the importance of critical industries like ours in meeting the basic needs of the population in an efficient and timely manner. 

Our mission, which has guided us since our founding almost 75 years ago, cannot be fulfilled without the firm commitment and effort of our more than 75,000 associates in Mexico, who work hard every day so that our portfolio will be within the reach of all consumers. 

For that reason we have taken a decisive range of measures to maintain the availability of our products, to care for our people and to afford certainty to our customers and consumers during the challenge that the COVID-19 crisis has presented to us. 

Prevention, Health and Safety 

For us, people are at the heart of everything that we do, which is why the welfare of all of our associates is our priority.  Without their efforts and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to do our part to build a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company, nor could we reach the tables of millions of families in the country. 

That’s why preventive measures have been taken, notably:

We have sent home approximately 5,000 Mexican associates in vulnerable groups, while guaranteeing their salary and source of employment.These include pregnant women, people with hypertension and diabetics, among others. This is part of the extraordinary protection measures for these types of groups. 

Use of masks or protective face shields by the associates in the operational, distribution and sales units.

- System for the timely detection of potential cases of COVID-19.

- Cleaning and sanitizing spaces with greater frequency.

Health screenings  with the measurement of temperatures and an entry questionnaire for all of the associates at work centers.

Suspension of all types of meetings, conferences, trips, events and training sessions.

Remote work for those whose duties allow it.

Transportation service for plant associates.

 Commitment and support for all Mexican families 

We recognize the difficulty of the current situation. That’s why we have decided not to increase the price of any of our products during the crisis, maintaining the prices that were in place for our entire portfolio prior to the start of the crisis.

Accordingly, we also want to guarantee all of our business partners, including the 850 small and medium-sized Mexican companies with which we work throughout our value chain, that they can count on us.  We are reiterating our commitment to maintain payments on time, especially at this time, thereby providing them with peace of mind during these difficult times. Thanks to you, we are able to fulfill our mission every day. 

Availability of Our Products

We want all families in Mexico and in the countries where we operate to rest assured that they can count on us. Our commitment as a company, and that of our associates, is to all our suppliers, customers and consumers, whom we want to reassure that we are working so that our plants can operate at their maximum capacity and guarantee the availability of our fresh and safe products at points of sale.