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  • December 2, 1945: Grupo Bimbo’s opening day

December 2, 1945: Grupo Bimbo’s opening day

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Believing and creating

Diciembre 2 de 1945: la primera mañana de Grupo Bimbo

The morning of December 2, 1945, might have seemed like just another ordinary Sunday. But at 10:30 a.m., the dough was divided to produce the first loaves of Bimbo Bread (Super-Pan Bimbo bread, to be precise) in Colonia Santa María Insurgentes. The first production of Bimbo products was distributed by a fleet of five used and five new trucks. To promote the opening, advertising campaigns were launched in Mexico City’s major newspapers in which the Bimbo® Bear invited people to try the then-new products.

The name Bimbo—a word created by combining Bingo and Bambi, the game and famous Disney movie respectively—was chosen over many other candidates such as PanRex, Pan NSE (for Nutritious, Savory and Economical), Sabrosoy, Pan Lirio, and Pan Azteca. Shortly afterwards, the founders learned that Bimbo is the colloquial word that Italians use for children (short for bambino), and that in China the phoneme for designating bread is almost identical to the brand’s name.

The Bimbo® Bear, in turn, was created by Anita Mata, the wife of Jaime Sendra, with details added by Alfonso Velasco in order to make it visually friendlier and more appealing. Inspired by a drawing seen on a Christmas card, they wanted it to reflect tenderness, cleanliness, whiteness and softness. Neither of them likely imagined that the Bimbo® Bear would be famous across the globe, becoming one of the most cherished symbols in the world.

December 2, 1945, marked the culmination of an idea and the materialization of a dream. It was also the beginning of a huge challenge because, thanks to the efforts, will and commitment of all of those that have worked with Grupo Bimbo, we now offer products worldwide that win over the hearts of millions.