• 1. Can I personally attend a guided tour?

    The visits to the plant are only for schools or established institutions at their different levels.

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  • 2. Is there a cost to visit the Grupo Bimbo plants?

    No, the visits to our plants are totally FREE.

  • 3. What do I have to do to visit a Grupo Bimbo plant?

    Contact the coordinator or guide at the desired plant to schedule the visit and comply with the requirements indicated.

  • 4. What is the minimum age to visit the Grupo Bimbo plants?

    A visiting child must be a minimum of four years of age.

  • 5. What is the duration of a visit?

    Approximately 90 minutes.

  • 6. Can I bring a video and / or audio camera, laptop, cell phone, or any other type of electronic device?

    It is not permitted to enter the plant with appliances of this type. If this occurs, the coordinator or guide will ask to retain the device while the visit is being carried out and will return it at the end of the visit.

  • 7. Can I savor Grupo Bimbo’s delicious products during my visit?

    At Grupo Bimbo we work under the strictest safety and hygiene measures, so you can not touch or take the products during the trip. At the end, products are given to each of the visitors.

  • 8. How far in advance do I have to schedule a visit?

    It is recommended to schedule the visit three months in advance. The dates will be offered according to availability.

  • 9. What do I need to do to change an already scheduled visit?

    We’d appreciate it if you contact the visit coordinator or guide two weeks in advance to reschedule or cancel.

  • 10. What is the maximum number of people allowed per group visit?

    It depends on the plant. Generally it varies from 40 to 50 people per group. If the group is greater than this number, they may carry out two or more simultaneous or consecutive trips, according to the case.

  • 11. Can I perform a visit if I do not deliver the necessary documents or if I do not meet the requirements indicated by the coordinator or visit guide?

    No. It is absolutely necessary to deliver the documents indicated. The coordinator or guide may restrict entry to the plant to any visitor who does not meet the requirements indicated.