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We are proud to share our heritage, symbolizing years of effort and teamwork.

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    Lorenzo Servitje

    Was born in Mexico City on November 20, 1918. His father, an immigrant from Cataluña, Spain, opened his own bakery in 1928 in partnership with misters Bonet and Tinoco under the name El Molino. At the age of sixteen, Don Lorenzo used to work in this bakery during his free time.

    While studying accounting at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), his father died unexpectedly and Don Lorenzo took charge of the Pastelería El Molino from 1937 until 1945.

    In 1945, Don Lorenzo Servitje together with Jaime Jorba, Jaime Sendra, Alfonso Velasco and José T. Mata founded Panificación Bimbo devoted to making loaf bread.

    Don Lorenzo was its first manager from 1945 to 1963; he then became Director and President of Grupo Bimbo SA de CV from 1936 to 1981, and since then until 1994, continued contributing as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

    He has received innumerable acknowledgements for his entrepreneurial expertise and example and as a person concerned for the sake of the country.

    The entrepreneurial spirit he contributed to shape, stresses the importance of working to provide fertile ground for the development of human values.

    Don Lorenzo Servitje died on February 3, 2017, in Mexico City, at 98 years of age. Today he is remembered as a great man, a leader, and an inspiration within Grupo Bimbo.

    < José T. Mata Roberto Servitje >
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    Roberto Servitje

    Don Lorenzo’s brother, was born in Mexico City in 1928. He studied Humanities in a school in Montreal Canada and graduated as an accountant from the Escuela Bancaria y Comercial.

    At 17 he started working in the recently founded Bimbo as Sales Supervisor and later created and took charge of the Vehicles Department.

    In 1954 he was offered to open Bimbo Occidente in Guadalajara, State of Jalisco and become its General Manager. He was in charge of opening the market in that city, in León and San Luis Potosí, installing the plant in 1956, and also in charge of the Region’s commercial development.

    Later on, he became The Assistant Director of the Organization; in 1979 he became Grupo Bimbo CEO and since 1994 he is Chairman of Grupo Bimbo Board of Directors.

    This entrepreneur a mechanic, a salesman, a zealous traveler, and a pilot, who has over one thousand-flight hours and his work have contributed, together with his nephew Daniel, to make Grupo Bimbo the largest baking company in Mexico and one of the most important ones in the world.

    < Lorenzo Servitje Jaime Sendra >
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    Jaime Sendra

    Was born in Mexico City in 1910 and after a few months he went with his family to live in Spain.

    In 1936 due to the Spanish Civil War, he came back to Mexico and started working with his brother Lorenzo Sendra at the La Flor de México pastry shop. Later on, he worked with his nephew Lorenzo as Production Head at the Pastelería el Molino.

    In 1955 he started working in Bimbo as HR Director. He gave training courses, checked references of those applying for a job, gave them their clothes, selected and hired personnel for the Company.

    He worked in Bimbo until 1970 when he celebrated his sixtieth anniversary and retired.

    Don Jaime Sendra passed away in 1985.

    < Roberto Servitje Alfonso Velasco >
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    Alfonso Velasco

    Was born in Irolo, State of Hidalgo in 1904. He was sent by his father to Chicago Illinois to the now internationally recognized American Institute of Baking (AIB) to become a Baking Technician. His great knowledge together with his great expertise made him the most outstanding technician of his time in this field in Mexico and Latin America.

    His father, Martin Velasco had been the founders of Pan Ideal, the first Mexican loaf bread baking company.

    Don Lorenzo proposed to Mr. Alfonso Velasco to join them as industrial partner.

    Don Alonso became Technical Director of Bimbo and made various and important contributions such as presenting to the partners a list of names for the emerging partnership among which Bimbo was one of the names. He was in charge of installing the boiler, ovens and machinery necessary to startup production, asides from making novel machinery innovations to improve the production process. He was the creator of the famous Gansito and other cakes.

    Don Alfonso Velasco died in 1978.

    < Jaime Sendra José T. Mata >
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    José T. Mata

    A Bimbo founding partner, was born in Mexico City in 1917. He established an imports and exports company called Servitje y Mata with his childhood friend Lorenzo Servitje.

    In 1945; they both founded Panificación Bimbo together with Jaime Jorba, Jaime Sendra and Alonso Velasco.

    < Alfonso Velasco Lorenzo Servitje >
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    Jaime Jorba

    Bimbo founding partner, was born in Tarrasa, Spain in 1918.

    In 1936 he decided to move to Mexico. His first working experience in sales was at El Molino and later in Servitje and Mata, an imports and exports company where he was in charge of the sales area.

    In 1944 the idea of founding Bimbo was conceived with Mr. Jorba acting as Sales Manager. There he devoted all his energy and creativity in designing products, marketing strategies and stimuli for distributors and sales reps.

    Months before the inauguration of Bimbo, Jaime Jorba and his team worked hard to design distribution routes that offered the greatest sales certainty possible in all points within Mexico City.

    He was Sales Manager until 1961 when he decided to go back to Spain and establish a baking company also named Bimbo. After some time, he partnered with an American group and setup another plant in Madrid and one in Mallorca, and later another in Solares. At the end of the decade of the seventies, he sold his plants in Spain to Campbell Taggart.

    Don Jaime Jorba died in 2009.

    < José T. Mata >