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Communication Channels (Points of contact with the consumer) not allowed when the products do not meet the nutritional profile.

Defining marketing to children 1. Age No advertising of non-compliant products to < 12
2. Threshold (for <12 / <13) 35%
3. Appeal /creative execution (as a stand-alone1) No
Nutrition criteria 4. Company nutrition criteria specifying what products can be marketed to children Grupo Bimbo nutrition criteria
Scope (what the policy explicitly covers) 5. TV, radio, print X
Outdoor / OOH X
Online / digital X
Advergames X
POS / in-store  
Schools X
Where children gather X
Brand characters  
Licensed characters X
Gifts / premiums  
Marketing techniques/Content rules 6. Rules applying to packaging No mention
7. Brand characters primarily appealing to < 12 For products that don’t meet company NC: characters cannot be placed in interactive games (Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii, among others).
8. Licensing/ celebrities primarily appealing to < 12 With compliant products only
9. Premiums & giveaways aimed at <12 No mention
10. Influencer marketing aimed at <12s No mention
11. Portrayal of children No mention
12. Schools / where children gather (amusement parks, leisure centres). No marketing strategies in schools attended by children under 12, unless there is a request and authorization from school administrators that specify they will be used in activities to educate and promote healthy lifestyles and physical activity.
13. Support to parents Engagement in The Responsible Advertising and Children program, which seeks to anticipate and understand parental and social aspirations in regards to responsible marketing for children.
14. Data collection & children’s privacy No mention
15. Company compliance monitoring / audits (beyond those carried out for pledges) GB adheres to agreement for monitoring and verification through internal audits and monitoring by third parties under the IFBE, WFA.
16. Company compliance reporting (beyond pledges) External monitoring is reported.
17. Internal awareness raising (ensuring compliance internally and with agencies) No mention

1The IFBA marketing to children policy only requires companies to look at the appeal of the ad itself, if audience data isn’t available. We want to acknowledge the fact that some companies go beyond this, and commit not to design any marcomms in a way that primarily appeal to children under 12/13, regardless of media placement.