Job opportunities

  • Grupo Bimbo, opportunities in an innovative company


    We look for people who are ready to contribute to nourish a better world, and act in an ethical, productive and innovative manner in order to meet professional and personal goals.

    We provide opportunities to develop your skills with programs designed by experts based on your career experience and interests, providing you with the tools you need for your progress.

  • Grupo Bimbo, opportunities in a company that takes care of the planet


    We have great interest in people looking for a place where they can overcome challenges and generate transformation to achieve their professional and personal goals.

    Why be part of Grupo Bimbo?

    • Grow and develop: at Grupo Bimbo, we're convinced that we all have something to learn and share

    • We have a clear and innovative vision of the future

    • We value the differences and promote inclusion

    • We turn passion into action

    • We encourage collaboration, creativity and curiosity

    • We help improve our planet and create wellbeing in communities

    • We will make a difference: transforming the baking industry

    • We're encouraged by causes, because we know we can improve our planet and create wellbeing in communities through our work


    Who are we looking for?

    If you are someone:

    • With ethics, committed and eager to learn

    • With openness and creativity

    • That always seek to obtain the best results

    • Who sets and achieves ambitious personal goals

    • Motivated and with initiative

    • Who wants to join the transformation of the industry

    • That wants to transcend in time

  • Grupo Bimbo, opportunities with well paid jobs

    A world of opportunities

    Areas you can apply to:

    • Marketing

    • Supply Chain: Procurement, Logistics, Quality

    • Manufacturing

    • Sales

    • Finance

    • Innovation and Development

    • Administration: Security and Protection, Real Estate, Corporate Affairs, Audit, Tax, Human Relations, Legal, IT