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Our Logo

  • The name of Bimbo first appeared in a list of proposals prepared by the founders of the Group in 1943. The main hypothesis is that the name was chosen from the combination of Bingo, the popular game of chance, and Bambi, the famous Disney movie.

  • Sometime later, the founders learned that in colloquial Italian children "bambinos" are called "bimbo", that in Hungarian the word means cocoon, and that in China, the phoneme used for bread sounds a lot like Bimbo.

  • Furthermore, the image of the company resulted from a drawing of a bear that was delivered to Mr. Jaime Jorba on a Christmas card, which Anita Mata, Jaime Sendra's wife, then added the hat, apron, and bread under his arm, while Mr. Velasco fixed his nose.

  • Over the years our logo has evolved as follows: