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Bimbo is the closest brand to Mexicans

06 Mar 2013

White bread,

among the most estimated

White bread, among the most estimated

The work of Young & Rubicam, conducted in 2012 among 1,459 local market brands

Source: Milenio Diario

Author: Axel Sánchez/México

México, D.F. March 6th, 2013.- The food producer Bimbo turned out to be the closest brand to the Mexicans, as measured by Young & Rubicam Group on recognized firms in the country.

In conference, Juan Pablo Carrero, planning director of the company, said the reason is because in society, Bimbo is the most relevant and appreciated company by consumers, as well as their white bread product.

They emphasized that this is not a signature that causes an inspirational feeling, as the brand has transcended beyond quality testing, whose standing becomes part of the life of communities.

In the study conducted in 2012, which analyzed 1,459 brands, in the top 10 also include Coca-Cola, Colgate, Bonafont, Sony, Facebook, Nike, Adidas, Sabritas and Nestlé. "What they have in common all these brands is its communication strategy, as some have, as Coca-Cola, 75 percent of its value so intangible, more people recognize their image than other product values", he explained.

He commented that this results in a financial management discipline to the art of managing a brand, "the intangible value is a key metric for measuring a company".

He added: there are four essential elements that put a signature in the preference of people, the first is differentiation, which shows the importance of a brand; the second is relevance, because it´s where you will find the quality, the third is esteem, which means the level of closeness to the consumer, and the fourth is familiarity, that calculates its penetration level in society.

Inside the relevance calculation, the company dedicated to market research and marketing strategies is led by Bimbo, followed by Bimbo white bread, Colgate, Bonafont, Sony, Hotmail, Nestlé, Jumex and Lala.

Regarding brands familiarity with Mexican society. Televisa leads the ranking, followed by Coca Cola, Telcel, Sabritas, “Canal de las estrellas”, Walmart, Bimbo, Gansito, Bonafont and Bodega Aurrerá.

In the list of brands with high esteem figured out: Bimbo, Microsoft, Aspirina, Sony, Yakult, Colgate, Colgate- Palmolive, Coca Cola, Gerber and Bonafont, while differentiation brands include Apple, Facebook, iPhone, Twitter, iPad, Google , Kinect for Xbox 360, Shakira, iPod and Nike. "Among the differentiation brands remarks Shakira's image as brand character, as in no any other list was presented a case of this type," says the study conducted by the agency Young & Rubicam.

Bimbo is the closest company to Mexicans