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Daniel Servitje receives award in the US

05 Jun 2013

The CEO of Grupo Bimbo, Daniel Servitje,

highlighted the growth his brands have had in the U.S

Source:CNN Expansión

MEXICO CITY, June 5th, 2013— Grupo Bimbo CEO, Daniel Servitje, was recognized in the United States as the international executive of the year, for his contributions to the global business community.

Since 1995, the Chicago Executives Club grants this award to business leaders who have made significant business contributions.

During the awards ceremony, Daniel Servitje highlighted the sustained growth that have registered brands such as Bimbo, Marinela and Barcel in the United States.

He recalled that Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston were the first cities through which, Bimbo entered the U.S. market.

Ilene Gordon, Chairman of the U.S. organization, noted that Servitje is the first non-American executive to receive this award. "Daniel Servitje is a true global leader, so we're excited to give this well-deserved recognition today", she said.

The Chicago Executives Club was founded in 1911, and brings together the most important business leaders, academics, government officials, diplomats and philanthropists. Daniel Servitje ranks number seven in ranking 'Los 100 empresarios más importantes de México' 2012, de la revista Expansión.

He was also elected by Expansion magazine as Character of the Year 2011, after converting to the signature as the world's largest bakery.