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Food safety, fundamental: Servitje

15 Jun 2012

The farming sector will need 15 billion dollars

to increase its productivity in 2030.

Title: Food safety, fundamental: Servitje
Media: Excélsior
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Date issued: 2012-06-05

The Bimbo executive said that the efficient use of resources should be fostered for the farming sector.

One of the main challenges governments have is to attain food safety, therefore, the private sector is committed to making an additional investment of up to 15 billion dollars in agriculture, said Daniel Servitje, Grupo Bimbo CEO.

The entrepreneur, who heads the Food Safety Working Group of the B20, an organization created to offer proposals to participants of the G20, stated that the private sector will make an additional investment of 10 to 15 billion dollars in agriculture, in order to expand access to markets of up to five million small farmers and improve the income of about two to three million women involved in this sector.

According to the director, the farming productivity should increase 50 per cent by 2030, but without exploiting the use of land and water for sowing, which is one of the main challenges for governments of the entire globe.

This is a complex task if we consider population growth, as well as its purchasing power, in addition to resources shortage and the effects of climate change.

Thus, in terms of food safety, farmers should be at the forefront of the efforts to increase productivity in the fields.

He said that the key to the future is to motivate the efficient use of resources and innovation through sustainable farming practices, as well as facilitate farmer’s access to new technologies and make efficient the use of water.

He also proposed the development of a legal framework to foster access to loans for small farmers and coordinate efforts to adopt a comprehensive approach to agriculture, nutrition and health.

Servitje will participate in the B20 Business Summit and will be part of the Food Safety Working Group.

The farming sector will need 15 billion dollars to increase its productivity in 2030.

The land yield should increase 50 PER CENT without over exploiting it.

Daniel Servitje, Grupo Bimbo CEO, stated that productivity in the farming sector should increase about 50 per cent in the year 2030.

Photo: Luis Enrique Olivares/File