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Mancera Inaugurates Ecologic Sales Center

19 Jul 2013

The new Ecologic Sales Center, in the Transito neighborhood, will cover the distribution needs

of the company in the downtown of Mexico City

Source: Excelsior

Mexico City, July 18th.-  Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, head of the Mexico City government, and DANIEL SERVITJE, CEO from a bakery company, inaugurated the first Ecologic Sales Center in the downtown of Mexico City, which will become in the new sustainable distribution model in the company.

The head of Mexico City government acknowledged the commitment of this company in the environmental matters, providing concrete proposals that effectively address the challenges that require the participation of society, business and government.

“For the significant investment of 160 million dollars in a term between 2 and 3 years, it becomes really important for the city, because in addition to changing technologies and improve the environment, it also creates opportunities, jobs and generates finally better economic conditions for the city", Mancera said.

The new Ecologic Sales Center, in the Transito neighborhood, will cover the distribution needs of the company in the downtown of Mexico City, through the new fleet moved by electric vehicles. The vehicle fleet consists in 73 units, whose engine technology was for first time developed by the bakery company engineers, said Mancera.

DANIEL SERVITJE was satisfied for completing the sustainable cycle of the operations and now its distribution. Less than a year ago we opened the Piedra Larga wind farm, and now we are using this renewable source of energy to power the vehicle operations that do not generate emissions to the environment and will collaborate in the mobility in this so important area to our city.

“That we will invest more than $ 160 million over the next two years, in convert, many of our plants to make them even more modern and joining technologies and investments in distribution center at the same time we are renewing our facilities, as this sales center", explained Servitje.

He explained that the Ecologic Sales Center will integrate rainwater harvesting systems, and total recycled water for washing vehicles, a wind turbine, green walls, solar cells and energy efficient lighting mechanisms, all of the above, with an investment of 20 million mexican pesos.

DANIEL SERVITJE remembered the story that links the company with Mexico City, where it was originated more than 65 years ago and is kept up to date as one of the main venues of its operations and commercial distribution.

Meanwhile the engineer Rafael Pacciano Alamán, Ministry of Environmental Protection Management of SEMARNAT, was pleased by the extent to which sustainable programs have taken of this baking company focused on reducing of the environmental footprint of its operations, with models seeking to replicate in the short and medium term, in all places in which it has presence.