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As part of the World Environment Day, Grupo Bimbo, the most important baking company in the world, reaffirms its commitment to promote, care for and respect the environment.

For 70 years, since its creation, Grupo Bimbo has been concerned for the wellbeing of the community and the environment, always seeking to contribute in an innovative, active and positive way in the different countries where it has presence.

Among the Company’s actions and programs geared to the reduction of its environmental footprint are:

• Migration to renewable energy sources with the Piedra Larga wind farm dedicated to serve Grupo Bimbo

• Ecological Sales Centers

• A fleet with over 300 electric-powered vehicles developed by a Company’s subsidiary

• Reusable quality waste water treatment plants in all of Mexico’s production facilities; 16 of them using rainwater for different ends

• Over 90% of solid wastes are destined for a beneficial use

• Degradable wrappings and packaging material’s gauge reduction

• Promotion of an innovative Responsible Supply Chain through procurement, inputs and suppliers- related policies

• Support for the civil association Reforestamos México, whose mission is to secure the forests that Mexico needs for its development

• Development of Ecora, recycled plastic plates; an environmentally-friendly alternative for wood

• Policy and action plan for a sustainable supply of palm oil

• Commitment to gradually move to egg production systems using cage-free and also bacteria free hens.

• Operations management using the Sustainability Index in order to control the environmental footprint and to generate and track objectives and goals

• Training and validation of agricultural suppliers in best practices, based in the guidelines of the Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), specialized in the agri-food industry

• Support to SMEs (small and medium-size enterprises) on sustainability issues as part of the Business Partners Development program

Grupo Bimbo acknowledges that sustainability is an important component of its entrepreneurial function, and that its operations’ negative effects (or potentially negative) on the environment must be reduced as much as possible, and at the same time, safeguard the safety and health of the population. Through its Suppliers’ Code of Conduct it establishes that it is the obligation of suppliers to know and comply with all environmental laws and to develop plans and best practices promoting sustainability.

This is the way in which Grupo Bimbo renews, once again, its commitment to the environment and society, understanding its role as an agent of change to create value in the long term, with actions and policies geared to protect the planet and the wellbeing of people.

Grupo Bimbo y Mercedes-Benz