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Marinela, a 100% Mexican brand celebrates 60 years of existence, turning Mexican families’ daily moments into great celebrations.

Who has not experienced one of its important moments in life together with a Marinela Product? We all have a story to tell: celebrating the birthday of someone dear with a candle on a Pingüino; dancing the steps of Gansito, or sharing the last cookie with that special person are some of the experiences that make us laugh each time we recall them.

The history of Marinela dates back to 1954, when at the Santa María plant the first production tests of bituminous cakes in orange, strawberry and chocolate flavors started. However, it was not until May 1956 that a company called Pabisa with only 14 associates was created to produce and market cakes and pastries. Initially, the products did not have the expected result, since consumers preferred large and decorated cakes.

Hence, in 1957 Pabisa changed name to Marinela and inaugurated its plant and launched a line of decorated cakes and another of individual cakes on red paper cups offered on cardboard trays without wrapping to pop and mom stores. The production was practically artisan and difficult to handle.

The challenge then was creating an individual cake that could be wrapped maintaining the delicate balance of ingredients and the attractive presentation of the rich tradition of cake and pastry making. After many experiments, the Technical Director developed the three first products among which is Gansito.

Later, in 1972, a new Marinela plant of unprecedented dimensions and with the most advanced technology was inaugurated in Azcapotzalco. Products such as Chocorroles, Submarinos, Barritas and Polvorones started to be produced here.

Gansito, Marinela’s flagship product

Initially, Gansito Marinela was produced in quasi-artisan manner: the batter was poured into the mods, baked and manually unmolded and put on trays that were then placed on aluminum rolling surfaces. Four persons –two on each side of the conveyor table- waited for the baked cake to put the cream and marmalade. After, it was coated with chocolate and pecan. Since then until today, Gansito preserves the same characteristics.

The first order of Gansitos produced by Marinela was for 500 cakes and its production took 8 hours.

To start with, Gansito was marketed using motorcycles called Ganseras, since these routes only distributed Gansitos, and Salesrep were called Ganseros. Later, as new products were incorporated and demand increased, its was distributed in larger and more practical vehicles.

The famous slogan: “Remember me”. Takes us back to ur childhood and to the good times we shared with family or friends enjoying a delicious Gansito.