Research and Development

At Grupo Bimbo, we seek to satisfy our consumers through innovative, nutritious, and delicious products, which is why we created the Innovation and Nutrition Centers at Grupo Bimbo.


Develop innovative, healthy of the highest quality products through the constant search for new technologies that allow us to be at the forefront and offer new and better options to our consumers.


  • To be the most innovative food company in the market within all categories in which we participate.

  • The Grupo Bimbo Innovation and Nutrition Institutes will be a benchmark in research, innovation, and development of nutritious products, and education programs in Health, Nutrition, and Sustainability.

Innovation and Nutrition Centers

We have seven innovation centers: two in the United States, one in Canada, one in Mexico, one in Latin America and two in Europe, which work in two platforms or main areas, developing the following activities:

  • Grupo Bimbo Ventures

    Innovation and product development

    Our commitment to offer products that meet the needs of consumers through innovation in technology, processes and ingredients to adapt nutritional profiles. Part of our 2020 goals includes reformulating products and increasing our supply of new products with healthier nutrient profiles.

  • Grupo Bimbo Ventures


    We will increase our efforts to provide accessible and easy-to-interpret nutritional information to help them make informed and healthier decisions. In addition to complying fully with the legislation and regulations of each country where we market our products.

  • Grupo Bimbo Ventures


    In Grupo Bimbo we are committed to making our advertising campaigns truthful and promote healthy lifestyles and universal ethical values. Specifically, the publicity developed and directed to the children's audience, complies with the best practices of socially responsible marketing established worldwide.

  • Grupo Bimbo Ventures


    In order to promote healthy lifestyles among our consumers and associates, we have fostered alliances and developed tools that allow us to promote the change in eating habits and patterns, showing the tangible benefits that this entails.

For Grupo Bimbo, a sustainable Company is one that seeks to leave something better for future generations. We understand that our consolidated work in the Welbeing pillar creates better opportunities to fulfill the path towards a sustainable world.