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Grupo Bimbo recognizes the work and commitment of its strategic partners at 2018 Global Vendors Meeting

Queremos continuar fortaleciendo la relación que tenemos con todos nuestros proveedores para aprovechar al máximo su conocimiento. Invitamos a todos a seguir pensando en nuevas soluciones, donde la innovación sea siempre un elemento característico de sus propuestas

David Hernández, director global de Compras de Grupo Bimbo

Mexico City, CDMX, November 13, 2018. Grupo Bimbo held its 2018 Global Vendors Meeting in Mexico City, which was attended by strategic partners from different parts of the world, who had gathered there to learn about the company’s performance and vision, while sharing best practices and strengthening business relationships.

The meeting was opened by Grupo Bimbo’s President and CEO Daniel Servitje, who recognized the work of the company’s business partners. He also affirmed the Group’s commitment and trust in them, adding, “Our partners play a fundamental role in helping us achieve our business goals. We want to hear from them and learn about their best practices, and invite them to continue to make sustainability and ethics the cornerstones of their operations.”

David Hernández, Global Chief Procurement Officer of Grupo Bimbo, remarked, “We want to keep strengthening our relationships with all of our vendors so that we can make the most of their knowledge. We invite everyone to keep coming up with new solutions, and to keep innovation at the heart of their proposals.”

As part of the Global Vendors Meeting, Bimbo Ventures, the company’s division specializing in finding projects that support continuous improvement through innovation, introduced the strategic partners Bimbo Group is currently working with. These are startups with groundbreaking ideas that are helping to transform the Company and address future challenges.  

During the event, several regional vendors that stand out for their performance and commercial excellence were recognized. The winners of this year’s award were:

      · Bimbo Canada: AB Mauri

      · Bimbo Bakeries USA: ADM Sweeteners

      · Bimbo LAC: Smurfit Kappa

      · Bimbo Mexico: Trimex

      · Barcel Mexico: Oleofinos

This is one of the ways the company strives to continuously strengthen its relationships with its strategic partners, who are helping to achieve the firm’s purpose of building a sustainable, highly productive and fully human company.