Grupo Bimbo Begins Support for Small Shopkeepers, Delivers 1 Million Masks

Grupo Bimbo kicked off its efforts to help small stores and small businesses that it announced a few days ago as part of the plan it implemented in Mexico to cope with COVID-19, doing its part during this health crisis

Part of our Bimbo Contigo (Bimbo Is With You) initiative

The world’s largest baking company delivered cloth masks to small shopkeepers throughout Mexico. Sales associates from the company started this effort last week and recently finished delivering one million masks, which are intended to help the shop owners so they can continue operating their businesses with preventive measures, protecting their own and their customers’ health. 

As part of its Bimbo Contigo (Bimbo Is With You) initiative, in addition to having delivered masks, the company will continue providing various types of support to shopkeepers, including:

- Development of incentive plans focusing on small businesses with the objective of helping them survive this crisis.
- Collaboration with the Pro Empleo Foundation to make business development programs available to small stores. 

Through these and other actions, the company is continuing to work for the benefit of the communities in which it operates and generating positive initiatives throughout Mexico, just as it has done for almost 75 years.