Information for Evaluators

Grupo Bimbo Innovación

This is our eight Integrated Annual Report, which contains global results of our economic, social and environmental activities for the period between January 1 and December 31, 2018, unless otherwise indicated.

Through a materiality analysis we have identified the material aspects that impact the economy, environment and society which results are presented in the report.

Using qualitative and quantitative information, this document covers the annual activities of the following regions: Mexico, the United States, Latin America, Iberia, Asia and Canada, unless indicated in each standard. It does not include India, Morocco and QSR operations as these were only recently acquired.

On the other hand, Moldex Mexico, Tenjo 2 Colombia and Cordoba and Frozen Argentina, as well as the Organization of Donuts Iberia (8 Plants), are included as of this year in our report.

Our value chain

From our strategy we are aware of our value chain’s environmental impacts. This year we conducted a plan for each of the global functional areas in our value chain, that projected clear actions for lowering the company’s environmental risks over the coming years to reach the goals, as well as for gauging our impacts along the entire chain.

Work and Dedication