Dialogue Channels With Our Stakeholders

  • STAKEHOLDERS Dialogue channels
    Shareholders / partners

    Meetings and direct interviews with Investor Relations

    Annual shareholders' meeting


    Intranet: carries news about the whole Group, comment sections and conversations, blog

    Workplace environment survey

    Internal communication through communiqués,

    "Speak Up Line" hotline

    Associates’ representation

    Through labor relations management

  • STAKEHOLDERS Dialogue channels

    Through the Sales Department

    Client and Consumer Attention System (SATECC)


    Suppliers Website

    Annual suppliers' meeting

    "Línea Comenta" hotline


    Satisfaction surveys

    Client and Consumer Attention System (SATECC)


    Sporting events: Bimbo Run-Walk, Bimbo Mini-Soccer

    Good Neighbor program and Volunteer Corps

    Product activations


    Relationship with government organizations Through the Corporate

    Affairs area

    Business and international organizations

    Through the Corporate Affairs area


    Through the Corporate Affairs and Institutional Relations areas.

    Social Organizations

    Through Institutional Relations:

    • Response to requests and inquiries (by phone and/or email)
    • General meeting with Civil Organizations.
    • Activity evaluation form.
    Educational institutions

    Plant visits, Fairs, educational congresses, Presentations onsite.