In recent years, Grupo Bimbo has experienced a period of growth that places it in a leading position in the baking industry.

The complexity of the current world and the dynamism that exists force it to better know each geography and to measure up to the responsibility that it has.

During 2014, Grupo Bimbo defined its knowledge strategy for identifying the needs of communities in order to complement its Social Responsibility platform and be able to implement it in each of the countries where it has presence.

In terms of materiality, a questionnaire that could cope with the collection of information was defined and tested, at first only in Mexico, although it was also subject to the review of consultants (Volans and Genera) to ensure its functionality beyond Mexican borders.

Based on these opinions, the questionnaire underwent several modifications. Finally, a version was defined that gathered the opinions of a representative sample of our stakeholders. When applying it, some opportunities for improvement were found, highlighting that the questionnaire that is defined for 2015 must contain the following:

In the table below we sum up