Sustainability Strategy

Our way of working and thinking is in constant evolution as we know it is the only way to accomplish competitiveness and growth.

This philosophy has allowed us to reach new territories with the quality and love with which we share delicious and nutritious baked goods and snacks in the hands of all families worldwide. Regarding sustainability, we also evolved through several changes we implemented in 2016.

Sustainability management remains as a responsibility of the Institutional Relations Department, which reports to the Global Human Relations and Corporate Affairs VP. Back in 2015, our Social Responsibility platform was embodied under the concept of Sembrando Juntos.

Now, in 2016 it evolved to Sustainability at Grupo Bimbo, aimed at fulfilling our 2020 Vision. But more than just a difference in terminology, it is a comprehensive concept by which we expect to generate an ecological awareness, that is, a vision that goes beyond the individual in order to understand people in harmony with their environment. We want to foster this awareness among our associates and thus shape sustainable individuals who will make a difference in our world.

he first steps to achieve this goal were taken to understand how to integrate sustainability into the business strategy. We work to incorporate environmental, social, and economic sense into every element of our philosophy. We start by the mission, which today includes a sense of equality by declaring that our products are for everybody and that besides delighting, they also aim to nourish consumers. Our purpose is the principle that gives meaning to our actions and which is in itself an explicit call for sustainability: “Building a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company".

The definition of this philosophy, is made tangible by the Transformational Objectives, that is, the projects that will guide our actions towards our 2020 vision. Today, the sustainability indicators run through the Transformational Objectives in order to generate awareness and measure the actions implemented to improve environmental care, contribute to social development, and adequately manage the company resources. Our pillars remain valid and maintain the specialized management that has been reported:

  • WELLBEING: Specialized in responsible marketing communications, transparency in the nutritional content of products, promotion of healthy lifestyles that include physical activity and good eating habits, as well as in product innovation and improvement of nutritional profiles through the reduction of sodium, fats and sugar, among other aspects.

  • PLANET: Establishes the activities and the evaluation of the operations to measure, control and reduce our environmental footprint. This strategy is divided in four strategic lines of action: reduction of the carbon and water footprint, comprehensive management of waste, and environmental care.

  • COMMUNITY: We work to become an agent of change that will contribute to the welfare of the people of communities in which we operate. With programs such as volunteering, donations and “Good Neighbor”, at Grupo Bimbo we work to improve the quality of life of those who are in most need.

  • ASSOCIATES: Sustainability is effective when it starts with a strategy to improve conditions inside the organization. Through this pillar we foster actions that protect and favor a good work environment and human rights, as well as personal and professional development of our associates, their health and safety and good relations with their superiors.

The Wellbeing, Planet and Associates pillars cover of one or more of the Transformational Objectives providing visibility and jurisdiction to the leaders of the pillar in order to incorporate sustainability into every project.

Teamwork is essential in order to make sustainability a reality. A well-informed, well- communicated and well aligned team allows for consistent understanding and management. To mitigate deviations, the Sustainability Central Committee was created in 2016, with two meetings held regarding its performance. The committee is integrated by three members from the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. With this measure, alignment is achieved from the highest levels of the company. Through the projects it is moved to the operations, crossing all levels.

Sustainability is reinforced by wording in the document framework the policies of Sustainability, Donations, Diversity and Inclusion; the three basic guidelines used to permeate the culture throughout our company. Data collection achieves greater scope and support through the CR360 Sustainability technological platform, which works as an element of interaction between our regions and countries, besides guaranteeing safekeeping of the documents, evidences and a more organized management.

At Grupo Bimbo we continue to work with the conviction of being a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company; one worthy of the confidence of its consumers and that symbolizes wellbeing, safety and prosperity to the world.