Sustainability Evolution

For more than 70 years, Grupo Bimbo has incorporatd the philosophy of building a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company into our actions. Find out

Sustainability Evolution
  • 19451945

    Start of Operations

    Panificación Bimbo began with 4 products: cellophane wrapped large and small white loafs of bread, rye bread and toasted bread.

  • 19451945

    Cellophane Package Introduction.

    Bimbo introduced the cellophane package to help the consumer himself to verify freshness and quality of the product.

  • 19451945

    Customized Service

    Panificación Bimbo introduced an innovative concept of personalized attention for its customers.

  • 19451945

    Know and "Love" the Product

    A culture based on punctuality, cordiality, good personal appearance, and a deep knowledge and love for the product, was adopted since the beginning.

  • 19501950

    Security Skills and Courtesy

    A new culture on vehicle management and maintenance was implemented. It ran under the slogan “safety, skills and courtesy”.

  • 19501950

    Accident Evaluation

    Commissions for accident prevention and evaluation commissions.

  • 19501950

    First Collective Bargaining Contract

    The first collective bargaining contract was signed together with the Flour, Bread and Confectionary Union in Mexico City.

  • 19531953

    Each Leader' Example

    Another statement for our organizational culture was designed: “A Company is what their associates are, and the associates are what their leaders are.”

  • 19531953

    Leader Qualities

    To complete our organizational culture the leader’s qualities were defined: integrity, intelligence, energy, human sense., leadership, and business vision.

  • 19531953

    Leader Training Curse

    The new training course for leaders ´skills development was created. It was called “The leader handbook “

  • 19531953

    Social Responsibility Activities Start

    BIMBO began its social responsibility activities by earmarking a percentage of its profits to open and maintain a school.

  • 19531953

    Associates Relashionship

    The “Skills for a good relationship with the associates” policy was published.

  • 19641964

    Futbolito Bimbo

    The soccer tournament “Futbolito Bimbo” began in Mexico City.

  • 19801980

    Mexican Stock Exchange Start

    Bimbo started trading 15% of its shares in the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).

  • 19801980

    Highly Productive and Fully Humane

    Our founders visited every plant to implement the “Highly Productive and Deeply Humane Company “ philosophy.

  • 19851985

    Earthquake Relief

    Grupo Bimbo donated water pipes to the victims of the Mexico City earthquakes, during the most complicated days.

  • 19851985

    Donations to the National Fund for Reconstruction

    Contributed with donations to the National Fund for Reconstruction and organized internal fund raising within its associates, to help all together to other associates affected by the earthquakes.

  • 19851985

    Fund of Natural Disasters

    The Fund of Natural Disasters for associates was created.

  • 19901990

    High Quality Plant Seeds

    GB developed a new project for farmers in alliance with Frexport and the CINVESTAB research labs for the development of high quality strawberry plant-seeds through hidroponic technology.

  • 19901990

    Highly Productive Company as Our Mission

    The Highly Productive and Deeply Humane company concept was integrated into our mission statement. The value chain was included as a part of the strategic goals of the organization.

  • 19901990

    12,224 Trees Planted

    12,224 trees planted in all the facilities as part of a reforestation campaign.

    1. 1990

      "Ecologito" Magazine Sponsorship

      Grupo Bimbo Sponsored the Ecologito magazine focused on creating environmental awareness in children.

    2. 1990

      Water Treatment Plants

      Grupo Bimbo invested on the following improvements for environmental care in Mexico: 1. Water treatment plants, to reduce water discharge to drainage networks. 2. Catalytic converters and the use of LP gas as fuel for more than 3,000 vehicles in the metropolitan area.

  • 19911991

    Ecology Project

    The Bimbo Organization Ecology project was created to raise awareness on environmenta care aspects. A control managemente process was implmented for pollution control in water, air and soil. The Internal Environmental policies were published.

  • 19911991

    Water Saving

    Systems and water saving devices were installed. Reuse of water used in showers, sinks and vehicle washing. Rainwater was collected and stored.

    1. 1992

      Internal Auditing Department

      The internal auditing department was created.

    2. 1994

      Recognition of Social Responsibility

      The Social Development Ministry of Mexico, recognized Marinela as an Environmental responsible company.

  • 19941994

    Water Culture Program Commitment

    Bimbo del Norte was recognized for its commitment to its water culture program.

  • 20002000

    Founding Partner CEMEFI

    Grupo Bimbo participated as founding partner of CEMEFI. Received the first distinctive of Social Responsible Enterprise.

  • 20102010

    GRI Methodology Implementation

    The implementation and use of the GRI methodology was introduced in the elaboration of the annual report.

  • 20112011

    First Integrated Annual Report

    The first integrated annual report was published.

  • 20122012

    "Good Neighbor" Program

    The “Good Neighbor” program began activities focusing its efforts on the implementation of improvements to the infrastructure close to our facilities.

  • 20122012

    "Piedra Larga" Wind Farm

    Inauguration of Piedra Larga wind farm, the largest and most important of its type in the global food industry. It supplies green electricity to almost all of the facilities in Mexico.

  • 20122012

    Sembrando Juntos

    The social responsibility platform evolved from “Comprometidos con…" to “Sembrando Juntos”

  • 20132013

    Electric Vehicles

    Electric vehicles were implemented. They are powered by the energy generated by the wind of the Piedra Larga windfarm.

  • 20132013

    First Ecologic Sales Center

    Opening of the First Ecologic Sales Center reducing the environmental impact of its operations, easing the effects of the climate change.

    1. 2013

      Circuito Bimbo is born, the families race that activates the Mexican families

  • 20142014

    Grupo Bimbo is joined the united nations covenant.

    1. 2015

      It is launched the Development of external business members' program

  • 20162016

    Grupo Bimbo begins a contribution with ECOCE, pickup company and pack recycling to ensure that to 2020, none of our packages will finish in landfill.

  • 20172017

    Grupo Bimbo is acknowledged as one of the most ethical companies around the world by Ethisphere Institute.

  • 20182018

    First Mexican company to issue Clean Energy Certificates

    This sustainability milestone will contribute to achieving Mexico’s clean energy goal by 2050. In addition, it will help certified users and companies from the new Mexican wholesale market fulfill their obligation to purchase at least 5% of their energy from clean sources in 2018.

  • 20182018

    Committed to the RE100 initiative, we announced our commitment to using 100% renewable energy worldwide by 2025.

  • 20182018

    Bimbo Solar inaugurated

    With the incorporation of this technology in our operations and in the corporate building, we are taking another important step in our firm commitment to sustainability and the planet.