Sustainability in Numbers


More than 118 thousand runners in 22 countries

have run our Global Energy Race


More than 1.5 million
slices of bread

were donated to food banks to fulfill the promise of 2 slices per km run in the Global Energy Race


More than 89,000
boys and girls

played in Bimbo’s Futbolito soccer tournament.


144 plants certified

according to under Global Food Safety Initiative standards.


7 innovation centers
and 2 nourishment laboratories

the work in the improvement of nourish profiles and the development of new products.


30% of our product

portfolio is in the Best & Better categories


657 electric vehicles

and 1,329 natural gas–powered vehicles.


Bimbo Solar

will reduce CO2e emissions by 12,800 tons per year.


On a global level, during 2018,

we activated 36 new energy efficiency projects will allow us to move our 2025 target of 100% electrical renewable plants.


10% reduction of CO2e direct emission per product

ton (efficiency) manufactured vs. 2016, due mainly to the results obtained in primary distribution, equivalent to 7,095 ton CO2e


82% of water reused

in our operations, arising from 89 facilities with water-treatment and -recycling plants


Total volume of water treated and reused globally in 2019: 1.2 million cubic meters (317 million gallons).


Grupo Bimbo certifications:


43 facilities

with zero landfill.


More than 70,000 people—associates,

their families, and friends—participated in Grupo Bimbo volunteer programs.


We recorded 475 monetary and in-kind contributions,

valued a combined $99.7 million pesos, equivalent to 1.7% of net revenue, donated to 296 associations.


Fortunately, during 2019 we didn't observe severe natural disasters. Therefore, the economic relief designated to natural disasters in 2019 was directed to damages to collaborators' homes due to floods in northern Mexico.


More than 950 Good Neighbor projects

around the world since 2012.


More than 2.5 million
hours of training

provided for associates.


+38,000 hours

of "Leading in a Diverse and Inclusive Culture in Grupo Bimbo Seminar"


10% reduction in the incident rate in 2019 achievement compared to 2018, representing a decrease of 289 accidents.


We are 148,638

collaborators worldwide, of which 133,824 are associates on the payroll and 14,814 independent operators.