We manage our business responsibly, efficiently and productively, taking care of our environment


Piedra Larga Windfarm

We have connected our operation in Mexico to the windfarm Piedra Larga, which supplies renewable electrical energy to 55 facilities, 131 sales centers, 57 El Globo branches, 2 distribution centers and the corporate headquarters buildings. Through the windfarm we stop the production of 104.400 tons of CO2e.

Sustainable Fleet

We are seriously committed at investing in innovation and technology. Today, we have more than 430 electric vehicles developed by our Moldex subsidiary. Additionally, we have 1,062 natural gas vehicles.

Ecological Sales Centers

We have four sales centers in Mexico that integrate features such as: rainwater collection, treated water for car washing, electric vehicles, Aeolian electricity, green walls, and natural lighting, among others. That together accounts for an annual decrease of 1,177.79 tons of CO2e.

Water Use and Treatment Alternatives

We achieved a reduction of almost 6% in comparison to the previous year, due to initiatives in our facilities.

Some of the actions we implemented are:

- Wastewater Treatment Plants

- Installation of production equipment washers with improved technology

- Substitution of cooling towers with more modern versions

- At different agencies in Bogota, washing arches and rainwater collection systems

Waste Management

We’ve implemented recycling programs in our operations, that have lead to 90% of the total waste being recycled. Such results have been accomplished in our operations in the United States, Mexico, South America and Iberia.

Some successful cases with zero waste to landfill:

- UK was recognized in 2015 with the Zero Waste Award and the Prize for Excellence “Let's Recycle Platinum” for efforts to reduce waste to a minimum.

- In Mexico, 3 plants were awarded with the Zero Waste to landfill recognition.

- In the US, 15 plants use the Waste to Energy process.

Package Management

In 2008 we incorporated degradable packages, beginning with bread and buns categories. We later included the metallic packages, becoming pioneers in this area. Also, we’ve continuously improved the characteristics of our packages, while maintaining product quality and reducing the caliber.

in 2016 we started working together with ECOCE, a collection and recycling company to ensure that by 2020 none of our packages end in landfills and that they are used as raw materials in the production of other products. 

Only in 2016 we achieved a reduction of 55,068 tons of plastic, and since 2010 we have avoided the use of more than 2 million kilograms of packaging plastic.


We collaborated in the creation of the Mexican Alliance for Biodiversity and Business (AMEBIN). Its creation provides a space for dialog and action between the private sector and civil society organizations in order to contribute to the conservation, sustainable use and restoration of biodiversity in Mexico.

We participated in the Biodiversity and Business Forum of the 13th Conference of Parties (COP13) of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Forum focused particularly on integration of biodiversity for welfare, specifically on the productive sectors related to fishing, tourism, agriculture and forestry.

In 2018, Reforestamos México A.C. supported by Grupo Bimbo, joined efforts with 77 companies and government who invested in resources to support the conservation of forest ecosystems in Mexico. 17,405 volunteers, 137.4 restored acres and 5,000 preserved acres.

The Paris Pledge for Action

In 2015 we were part of the signatories that joined the Paris Pledge for Action, with the objective to reduce   the emission of greenhouse gases and maintain global temperature’s increase under 2 degrees Celsius.


Deseo Program

Part of our strategy is to strengthen our supply chain. We support small and medium-size companies through training and guidance for their development.

In 2016, more than 400 proveedores remained in the program.

Global G.A.P

We’ve trained and validated agricultural suppliers in best practices, based in the guidelines of the Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), specialized in the agri-food industry.

Relationship with Customers

To further grow and improve their retail businesses, we pro­vide various programs and tools such as training and specialized sales, merchandising and management advisory services.

Also, we provide credit facilities through “Pesito”, “Quetzalito” to more than 300,000 customers with financing of up to 223 million pesos in the year 2015.

With “Mi Tiendita” program, we helped retailers to improve their store layout and thus boost sales. In 2015, we transformed more than 14,300 establishments.

Together with our partners Blue Label Mexico, we launched the Qiubo network, which provides with technology small businesses in Mexico so they can accept credit and debit cards, and has enabled to grow their sales by 20% on average. The network offers micro-businesses access to various electronic products and services, like acceptance of bank cards and vouchers, receipt of utility payments like telephone, light and cable TV bills, prepay­ment for toll roads, airtime reloads and access to credit.

Good Neighbor

Good Neighbor program has the objective to improve the quality of live of people living or working around our plants. 

The program includes different actions that support communities, such as:

- Infrastructure improvement projects. We restore and modernize living and sports spaces.

-  Remodeling of bus stops or lighting for pedestrian crossings that offer a dignified and functional service to the community.

Good Neighbor has realized 762 projects since 2012 around the world in benefit of our communities.


We support more than 1,200 civil associations in the countries where we have presence.

In 2016, the amount of this financial support is equal to 2.2% the net profits of Grupo Bimbo in 2015 ($5,171 Million Dollars).

More than 18 million people have been beneficiaries in Mexico during 2016.