Today, on World Environment Day and Always, We Want to Celebrate Nature by Recognizing All That It Brings Us

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At Grupo Bimbo, one of our most important missions is to be a force for good for the planet through four strategic lines of action to nourish a better world without leaving a trace

A sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company.

Today on World Environment Day we are aware of everything that nature brings us, that’s why we are celebrating by protecting it and using resources efficiently through innovation and technologies that enable us to make responsible decisions for the planet.

Natural Capital

We know that agriculture is our driving force, that’s why we work with strategic providers to promote sustainable agricultural practices at our strategic agricultural inputs and we develop them so they comply with our Global Sustainability Policies that are focused on collectively reducing our environmental and social impacts.

One of our biggest examples worldwide is traceability in the supply chain for palm oil, in which our 17 main providers of this raw material take part in our traceability exercises, reaching 94% traceability this past year, and they also take part in the evaluation process for measuring compliance with our Global Palm Oil Policy.

Meanwhile, we continue promoting projects in strategic regions of Latin America. One example is the project with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and our primary suppliers of corn and wheat in Mexico in order to promote palm landscape transformation projects in Chiapas, Mexico, to protect forests while addressing the needs of small farmers.

With programs like Reforestamos México, we contributed to the reforestation of over 133 hectares of forests in 12 states in 2019 alone. Consistent with these efforts, none of our facilities are located in protected areas or areas of high biodiversity value.

Carbon Footprint

Energy efficiency

We continue promoting innovative practices and projects focused on the efficient use of energy at our work and distribution centers. Likewise, we promote exercises at our facilities while following international standards that help us identify opportunities to even further reduce our carbon footprint.

Renewable energy

We had 141% more renewable energy compared to 2018, thanks to various wind farms that supply our different plants. One of our finest models is in the United States, where we use 100% of that energy, thanks to the Santa Rita East Wind Farm, which represents a reduction of 260,000 tons of CO2 per year.

This year in Argentina, 100% of our operations were supplied with electricity from renewable sources. And in Chile, we have the largest solar roof in South America, which reduces 1,217 tons of CO2 per year.

In Mexico, the Piedra Larga Wind Farm supplies us with 70% of the electricity used. As a result, we are able to reduce 180,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Our goal at Grupo Bimbo is to use 100% renewable electricity by 2025.

Water Footprint

Because it’s a vital liquid, we protect it and we return it to nature in the best conditions possible after using it.

Compared to 2016, we decreased our use by over 10% at our organizations in Mexico, Central America, South America and Spain, which is equivalent to over 240 Olympic-sized pools.

In addition, at Grupo Bimbo 82% of the water that we treat is reused as part of our operations for services such as irrigation of our green areas, in toilets and for washing our vehicles.

We have 89 of our own treatment plants throughout the world, and for the remainder we ensure quality through external treatment services. We have 108 systems worldwide for the collection and storage of rain water.

Waste and Materials Management 

To date, we have reduced over 3.3 million kilograms of plastic in our packaging since 2010 and over 446,000 in 2019 alone through actions taken to decrease packaging size and thickness.

In 2019 we also made significant progress in our packaging innovation strategy. In Mexico we launched the first compostable packaging for the Vital line of bread, in addition to our efforts for the development of new materials that decrease the environmental impact. This is also the case for our biodegradable technology, which we are promoting in places where these materials may not undergo a full recycling process.

In 2019 we managed to have 43 plants with zero waste, which is 9 more than in 2018. And for 144 of our plants, we have achieved over 80% recycling of the waste that was generated.

We will continue working this way for the reduction and recycling of waste generated during our production processes, and we are also working on collaborative efforts with governments, agencies, and other industries to encourage the recycling of our post-consumer materials.

At Grupo Bimbo, our commitment is to efficiently use natural resources to protect the environment and to maintain it in the best conditions possible. We will continue working to protect and save all that nature offers us.

With these and other initiatives we continue doing our part to continue building a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company.