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Submitted by Bimbo Admin on Thu, 12/22/2022 - 13:31


Aware that this objective requires the work of many actors and alliances, we put our grain of flour in favor of the welfare of people and communities where we operate through our Good Neighbor, Volunteer work, and Social-Donations Investment programs. We also donate to food banks and provide support in disaster areas.

Social-Donations Investment

We want to create a positive impact and give back to where we operate. The Social Investment program and partnerships with Civil Associations allow us to respond to the commitment, by supporting and promoting the sustainable development of communities.


Good Neighbor

Through teamwork, dialogue, and collaboration, we strengthen our bond with the communities in which we develop programs for the well-being of all. The transformation process generates positive results for all stakeholders.

Volunteer work

Our associates, family, and friends proactively participate in virtual, hybrid or in person volunteer activities, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid. They donate their free time, in-kind resources, or monetary donations. They also share their personal or professional skills by doing pro bono work.


We offer financial assistance to our associates when they are affected by disasters or humanitarian contingencies.

2022 Achievements

Mexico: Together with Fundación Azteca, we launched a social movement to benefit the civil association Reforestamos.

Iberia: Together with Fundación Intras, we support the occupational inclusion of people with mental health problems and the competitiveness of social economy companies.

Brazil: Through webinars and together with the Gerando Falcoes Organization, some voluntary associates trained low-income youth.

Mexico: In response to the fires in Coahuila and Nuevo León on March 16, 2021, we supported the community of the area with donations of our products and carried out the campaign Va por Nuestros Bosques (This is for Our Forest)

See our Sustainability Report 2021