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At Grupo Bimbo, we anticipate the future and respond with agility and innovation.

We are open to new ideas and we are constantly seeking new technologies that can nourish a better world.

We have created Bimbo Ventures, our Corporate Venture Capital arm and the window to the outside that allows us to be on top of innovations and continue growing as we have done.

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We embrace the unique perspective and energy that

startups bring to the world and complement those elements

with our deep food industry experience for a powerful

collaboration towards the future of nutrition.

Products & Brands

Innovative baking and snacking products, brands and capabilities

Food-Tech & Materials

Ingredients and materials for more nutritious, healthier, cleaner-label, delicious and sustainable products

Smart Supply Chain

Enabling techs to tackle our operational challenges and opportunities within our sourcing, manufacturing and distribution

Commercial Tech

Techs and tools to support our commercial frontline empowerment and consumer obsession

Take a Look Where We Are Today | HUBS

Co-development under the Very Güel brand, using extrusion technology, delicious vegan cheese, soy, and lemon flavored snacks were produced.


Co-development under the Very Güel Brand, launching 3 different snack flavors with naturally sourced fruit and no added sugar.


Developed AI platform links suppliers to tractor companies, cutting file creation time and validating critical documents/data faster.


Co-development under the Sanissimo brand, producing tostadas and totopos baked with cauliflower, having clean labeling.


Company dedicated to offering natural and healthy food products that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Their focus is on superfoods from ancient cultures, such as; quinoa, cocoa, maca, among others.

Biotechnology company focused on natural and sustainable food ingredients. 


Robot dexterity solutions for logistics, warehousing, and supply chain operations. 

Company focused on the healthy food industry that offers high quality products and innovation in its daily processes. 

Virtual Robot that processes, learns, and registers every business transaction at the moment it occurs. 

Company that specializes in making delicious gluten-free and allergen-friendly bagels and baked goods, offering products for people with celiac disease and food allergies.

Vegan snacks, certified gluten-free, kosher and GMO-free. Made mainly with chickpeas, providing healthier alternatives to traditional sweets without compromising taste or quality.

Food technology company that is driven by a team of scientists and chefs. 

Data analysis platform for agriculture, suitable for making the most of limited resources. 

Company focused on the adoption of e-commerce and home deliveries of meals, consumer products, pharmacy, among others. Through the app, users access goods and services and SMEs can grow their businesses.

Company specialized in virtual and augmented reality solutions. They create immersive and interactive experiences for various industries, using cutting-edge technology to improve processes and tasks

Company that produces and markets functional, gourmet beverages and quality food products. Made with functional ingredients that provide health benefits and provide energy. Suitable for all age groups.

Company focused on the production of products for the food industry. It makes it easier for its clients to ensure that end consumers receive quality, risk-free and diversified food according to their needs.

100% online supermarket. Driven by an easy-to-use shopping platform for a convenient and sustainable shopping experience, being an efficient way to purchase everyday products.

Create and grow disruptive companies that leverage technology, data science, and platforms to transform organizations and evolve humanity. 

Packaged food company that sells products with very low carbohydrate content, low glycemic index and without artificial sweeteners, maintaining their delicious flavor. Suitable for ketogenic and diabetics.

Company that is developing low-calorie sweet proteins.

OUR TEAM | Bimbo Ventures is integrated by talented members located in the different organizations of the company.
Constantino Matouk Iriondo
Constantino Matouk Iriondo

VP Bimbo Ventures

Pablo Sanchez S.
Pablo Sanchez S.

Investment Director

María Morfín de la Parra

Alliances Manager

Jacinto Carmona Avila
Jacinto Carmona Avila

Partner Manager

Gustavo Medina González
Gustavo Medina González


Joanna Pulido Muñoz



With Open Innovation initiatives, we connect knowledge and solutions from outside to Grupo Bimbo's internal challenges (present and future)


Driven by Bimbo Ventures, this open innovation platform represents Grupo Bimbo's exploration program with startups. Its purpose lies in establishing strategic connections with highly innovative startups, with a special focus on products in the food sector.


We support Grupo Bimbo's Organizations and Business Units so they can run external challenges to leverage on innovation beyond the internal resources we have. 


Open Door - First Edition
Plastic Pilots Program
Eleva - 2019
Eleva - 2018