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Focused on safety and well-being at work, life balance and well-being, and training and development. We create safe, healthy, diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces, fostering a culture of personal and professional development for all our associates.

1.- Safety and Well-being at Work

This is our priority. Through Grupo Bimbo’s Global Security Policy, we establish that the physical integrity of our associates is ahead of the operational efficiency and results of the company.

Health and Safety

Our commitment is based on five foundations with which we seek to create a culture of self-care, thus preventing accidents and diseases:

  1. Any injury can be avoided.
  2. We are obliged to work safely.
  3. We are responsible for each other’s safety and well-being.
  4. To be a world-class company, we must have exemplary performance in safety and permanent improvement in our well-being.
  5. We can build a balanced life.


At Grupo Bimbo, we value the Person and we are positive the Safety & Well-being of our associates come first.

For Grupo Bimbo, our Associates’ Well-being focuses on all those initiatives that seek to impact their quality of life. We strive to make the world a better place with everything we do, so we can be a positive force.​​.

Our Well-being programs aim at all our associates, in all our work centers, all our organizations, affiliates and subsidiaries, their different geographies, functions and business areas.

We acknowledge people live in community; therefore, the social aspect is key to improve their health and quality of life. We seek to include our associates’ families into our well-being programs or initiatives as much as possible.

Currently, several of our programs include the family. Among them, high-impact initiatives such as telemedicine programs, or free medical, psychological and/or nutritional assistance for our associates and their families, access to health benefits such as medical insurance, vaccination campaigns, medical exams, sport events (including our Global Race), and health events such as health talks, workshops and fairs. These actions are reported and monitored on an ongoing basis, and we strive to add more each year.

These initiatives have greatly helped us improve our associates’ quality of life. As they become aware their family’s health improved, and they feel our support in these areas, they become confident and secure, thus we strengthen our purpose of Nourishing a better world



We are committed to fostering initiatives that promote a culture of health, self-care, and balance among all our associates.


The Diversity and Inclusion strategy has been redefined under the umbrella of the sustainability strategy, aiming to transition from an internally focused program to one that encompasses a value chain perspective.

Diversity Equity & Belonging

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The Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department aims to accelerate the impact on the business through five key areas: - Risk Management, Awareness and Knowledge, Talent Management, Integration Operation, and Integration Market. Concepts of equity and belonging are also incorporated, seeking equal access to opportunities, and allowing our associates to be authentic at work and feel valuable. Furthermore, we seek to support the transformation of our communities and along our value chain, where each person can reach their full potential, considering their individuality, and identity and valuing their differences in a safe space where everyone belongs.


Talent Management

We develop programs that allow us to create, establish and implement practices that guarantee the representation, inclusion, and equity of all our associates:

  • Talent attraction
  • Online course: inclusive interviews
  • Seminar on diversity and inclusion
  • Guidelines for different candidates
  • Leadership circles
  • Unconscious prejudices course


External Presence or Market

We invest in relationships that create meaningful ties and allow us to contribute positively to the market and the communities we serve.

  • Certifications
  • External Forums
  • External Communication
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • School Visits
  • Good Neighbor Program
  • Working together with UN WOMEN


Associate’s experience

Through actions, we reaffirm our commitment to building the best workplace and constructing a positive difference in our environment as agents of change that make a better company.


We have ongoing training programs focused on institutional issues and specialized content according to the different profiles of our associates. To achieve this, we have the support of GB University, our internal teaching platform promoted by heads and development leaders in each organization.

Development Program

To endorse our commitment to drive the development of the associates, we disseminate and follow up on online courses, face-to-face, and virtual training, and the annual training plan.

Conscientious Leadership

Global online program for managers and executives focused on human flourishing and economic growth through good leadership practices.

Talent Assessment

It is a differential element and a competitive advantage of our company, whose function is to identify and develop talent annually. It measures people’s performance, strengths, and areas of opportunity to reward them equitably according to their professional growth.

2022 Achievements

Mixed working model: Implementation of a robust and functional technological infrastructure that allows collaboration between teams from 33 countries

A comprehensive support plan that allows our associates to stay in the best physical and emotional condition

COVID-19: We adapt our facilities and equip them to ensure the timely detection of symptoms

Mexico: We opened the first learning and care center for the children of our associates

Brazil: We carry out inclusive integration of people with disabilities and awareness through training

Canada: We won the Canadian Grocer's Impact 2021 award "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion."

USA: We obtained the “Corporate Service” recognition from 100 Black Men of the Bay Area

Chile: We were recognized as a Company Committed to Young Talent Certification by Anonymous CV

Uruguay: We got the Inclusive Seal of Uruguay Valora

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