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100% of Bimbo Argentina's production now comes from renewable sources energy

Bimbo Argentina announced that starting this year, the company’s five plants in the country are operating with electricity generated from renewable sources.
 Bimbo Argentina started the project to use clean energy in all its plants.
Grupo Bimbo
Buenos Aires

Bimbo Argentina announced that starting this year, the company’s five plants in the country are operating with electricity generated from renewable sources. Owing to Grupo Bimbo’s commitment to the environment and its attempt to reduce its carbon footprint, the company signed an agreement with the wind energy provider Genneia, and since the beginning of 2020, all the company’s operations are being carried out using clean electricity.

As part of Grupo Bimbo’s worldwide commitment of 100% operations boosted with renewable energy by 2025, Bimbo Argentina took one of the first steps by signing a 15-year contract with Genneia, the main renewable energy company in Argentina, which will use its three wind farms, in the provinces of Chubut, Rio Negro and Buenos Aires, to supply Bimbo with clean energy.

In 2018, Bimbo Argentina launched its initiative to use clean energy in all of its plants: four in the province of Buenos Aires and one in Córdoba. And since January 1, 2020, Bimbo is Argentina's first food company to use 100% renewable electricity for its operations.

Along with Argentina, operations in Mexico, Portugal, Spain, United States, Colombia and United Kingdom now receive 100% electric power at their plants, from renewable sources, with an overall total of 80% clean energy use worldwide. Similar initiatives are also being carried out throughout the entire Latin America region, including the solar roofs' installation. For example, in 2019 the largest solar panel roof in South America was installed in Chile; and in Mexico City was installed the country’s largest solar roof and the third largest one in all of Latin America; all of this in the company's Metropolitan Distribution Center.

Diego Bustos, General Manager of Bimbo Argentina stated: "All of us at Grupo Bimbo, we are delighted to make this announcement. We would have loved to have done so earlier, but the current situation in the past few months, required from us to ensure production and the health of our employees, who gave their very best and are still doing so today. During these months, our plants have continued operating to ensure supply, and now we are even prouder to have done it, using electric power from 100% renewable sources.”

Gustavo Castagnino, Director of Corporate Affairs at Genneia said, “We are proud to be able to provide 100% clean energy for the operations of a company like Bimbo, through our Villalonga, Pomona II and Chubut Norte II wind farms. This enables us as a country to continue making progress in our ambitious, beneficial and ever steadier switch to the use of renewable energy.”

The use of clean energy by the company in Argentina represents a reduction of 14,000 tons of CO2 emissions into the environment per year. Which is the equivalent of over 900,000 trees planted or over 4,000 cars removed from circulation per year.

Grupo Bimbo is committed to building a sustainable, highly productive, and deeply humane company. That’s why the use of electric power from renewable sources is being adopted in Argentina and all over the world, with the goal of progressing toward sustainability and making the world a better place for everyone.

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