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Daniel Servitje is named one of the 100 latinos most committed to climate action by Sachamama

The list, made with the support of the main environmental organizations, includes people in academia, activists, politicians, scientists and entertainers, among others.
Daniel Servitje
Grupo Bimbo
Mexico City

Daniel Servitje, Presidente y Director General de Grupo Bimbo, fue incluido en la lista 2020 de “Los 100 Latinos más Influyentes Comprometidos con la Acción Climática” elaborada por la Organización ambientalista Sachamama, conocida principalmente por su trabajo en cambio climático y comunicaciones sobre el clima y medio ambiente en las comunidades Latinas.

Este listado es una iniciativa de la organización que busca fortalecer el liderazgo de la comunidad Latina en el movimiento climático y resaltar los líderes más influyentes por haber fomentado la lucha ambiental, la sostenibilidad y las acciones frente a la emergencia climática y ambiental que vive la humanidad.

Daniel Servitje, Grupo Bimbo’s President and CEO, was included in the 2020 list of “The 100 most Influential Latinos Committed to Climate Action” done by the environmental organization Sachamama, mainly known for its work in climate change and communications on climate and environment in Latin communities.

This list is an initiative from the organization to strengthen the leadership of the Latin community in the environmental movement and to highlight the most influential leaders for promoting the environmental fight, sustainability and the actions to take on the climate emergency that humanity is faced with.  

The selection, made with the support of the main environmental organizations, has highlighted people for their level of commitment in the areas of environmental activism, communications, environmental rights, corporate sustainability policies and public agenda. The list includes renowned businessmen, high profile politicians, Nobel Prize winners and celebrities.

"The 100 people selected are renowned personalities, committed in their sectors who, through their work, promote global awareness on the climate emergency and the need to implement solutions that help us live in balance with our planet”,  explained Carlos Zegarra, Sachamama’s Executive Director.

The publications is part of the largest meeting of influential Latinos towards the 2021 United Nations’ Conference on Climate Change (COP 26), the “No Planet B Latino Summit”, in which Daniel Servitje also participated in an interview Jorge Neri, editor in chief of Cambio 16, in which he talked about the importance of acting from the private sector in the fight against climate change, as well as Grupo Bimbo’s initiatives regarding environmental sustainability.  

Servitje commented that companies with a global footprint have the ability to positively influence in all communities because they are companies with a visibility and commitment, which make them transparent in every sense. He added that the big, global companies, add and must help push local suppliers, getting everyone to fight climate change.

The goal of the No Planet B Latino Summit is to highlight Latino leadership in the fight against climate change and promote the implementation of the Paris Accords and the 2030 Agenda’s development goals.