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The Annual Global Training Event Returns

For the first time in history, we had 57 global trainees hired in the same generation; 53 are from organizations in Mexico and 4 in the Latin South organization
The Annual Global Training Event Returns
Grupo Bimbo

After three years, the Annual Global Training event was held in person at Grupo Bimbo's corporate headquarters in Mexico. During this forum, associates from different countries and areas participated with the objective to exchange reflections, observations, concerns, and suggestions that benefit the analysis of the business and the continuous improvement of our various functions.  

This meeting was held with great enthusiasm for the opportunity to reconnect in the #PerfectPlace. With this we conclude various activities that began from the hiring of this new generation of Global Trainings. The Trainees interacted with different business areas, had the opportunity to learn the processes of the different functional areas, to visited the operation of our bakeries and toured the sales market.  

Here are some facts about the associates who participated in the 2022 training: 

For the first time in history, we had 57 global trainees hired in the same generation; 53 are from organizations in Mexico and 4 in the Latin South organization. 

The global trainees from this year work in various functions such as People, Maintenance, Engineering, Auditing, and Finance, among others. 

In addition to the opportunity to exchange ideas with Global VPs at this annual event, the trainees shared with our CEO, Daniel Servitje, and several members of the Steering Committee, with whom they discussed experiences, anecdotes, and thoughts about the future leaders of the organization.  

Daniel said, "I loved your questions and comments. You are shaping your career and your professional future here. Don’t lose confidence in knocking on doors." 

Juan Muldoon, Global VP of People, added: "It gives me a lot of hope to see a group like this because I see the future of Grupo Bimbo here. You are a very select team that will surely give birth to the generations of leaders of the next 20, 30 or 40 years." 

Congratulations to all 2022 Trainees!  

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