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Guadalajara Breaks The Guinness Record For The Longest Hot Dog Line In The World

The Pearl of the West returns to get another Guinness Record, this time with the longest hot dog line in the world.
The Guinness Record For The Longest Hot Dog Line
Grupo Bimbo

The Pearl of the West returns to get another Guinness Record, this time with the longest hot dog line in the world. Last Sunday, August 12, the Four Geniuses of Flavor, formed of Embasa®McCormick®Medias Noches Bimbo® and Fud®, managed to complete a 1,464.03-meter row equivalent to 10 thousand hot dogs.

Calle 2 was the place where the union of the Four Geniuses of Flavor resulted in a memorable day, touching the hearts of the Tapatías families. The line of hot dogs was constructed by 180 people who worked to achieve the coveted Guinness Record, before celebrating with a euphoric day full of music and fun.

Engineers from the Guinness World Records organization traveled from Miami, Florida, to supervise the correct implementation of the line of hot dogs, checking their measurements and hygiene conditions for consumption by the more than 3,750 attendees who witnessed the delicious feat.

With the new Guinness Record of the longest hot dog line in the world, Guadalajara beat the city of Kikuchi, Kumamoto in Japan, which beat the same record in 2016 with a line of more than 350 meters, made up of more of 2 thousand hot dogs.

“We are very proud to praise Guadalajara with this new Guinness Record, and to see so many people enjoy a day full of music, surprises, and hot dogs made with quality products, in addition to the moments of healthy recreation for families,” commented representatives of the Embasa®McCormick®Medias Noches Bimbo® and Fud® brands upon receiving the certificate from the hands of Guinness World Records.

The event was an unparalleled day of entertainment, with games that challenged attendee skills, such as Medias Noches Bimbo’s® human foosball, the demolition of Fud®, the McCormick® rally, and the Embasa® game of gotcha, in which the most adventurous dodged red paint stains.

Roger Gonzalez, charismatic radio and television presenter was the host of the Guinness Record and master of ceremonies. His warm personality was the special ingredient that encouraged all the people to play and have fun at this great event.

Two well-known Mexican pop bands, Kabah and JotDog, entertained the party with their musical hits. Thousands danced to the beat of nineties hits like "Vive" and the voice of María Barracuda from JotDog entertained both young and old alike.

No input was wasted, as products that were not used to beat the record were donated to the civil organization BAMX (Food Bank of Mexico).

Last Sunday, August 12 in Guadalajara, will go down in history as a fun family day where the fraternity and united enthusiasm of four 100% Mexican brands left a great taste in every way.

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