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3 outstanding Brands in corporate reputation

Corporate reputation is becoming more and more important today, because, for both consumers and stakeholders or interest groups, the product or service offered by a company is as important as the people.
Corporate Reputation
Grupo Bimbo
Mexico City

These companies stand out and set the worldwide pace in terms of corporate governance

Corporate reputation is becoming more and more important today, because, for both consumers and stakeholders or interest groups, the product or service offered by a company is as important as the people who represent it and are behind the value offer.

Among some of the aspects considered most important in terms of corporate reputation throughout the world are: "high quality offer in products and services", "delivering great value for money", "complying with the needs of consumers", "staying behind the products", and "having a positive impact on society," according to a leading statistics and information company, Statista.


For this purpose, the Corporate Enterprise Reputation Monitor (MERCO) was created in 2000, and is currently considered one of the benchmark monitors in the world.

MERCO consists of a reputational evaluation instrument based on a multistakeholder methodology composed of five evaluations and twelve sources ofinformation.

It also produces six rankings and has a presence in eleven countries, including Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru, among which three of the most outstanding brands in the evaluation of Responsibility and Corporate Governance in 2017 were:


Grupo Bimbo carries out the best international practices in matters of corporate governance as well as having professionals and specialists in its governing bodies.

It is integrated by a Shareholders Assembly, its highest governing body that has the power to appoint the members of the Board of Directors, which is responsible for establishing the long-term business strategy of decision-making, supervising the administration, and managing risks, among other actions.

In addition, Bimbo is a world leader in the baking industry and has one of the largest distribution networks in the world, which includes the use of electric vehicles, and it has a presence in 32 countries.


Google is part of a larger company called Alphabet.

As part of its corporate governance, it integrates guidelines established by its Board of Directors, which defines the structure and composition of the Board, the main functions of the Board of Directors, Procedures, Committees, Director Orientation, and Continuing Education, among other actions.

In matters of responsibility, the technology company carries out various sustainable initiatives of transparency and diversity, in addition to promoting education around the world through technology.


The Mexican Coca-Cola Industry bases its corporate governance on ethical principles, transparent communication, and good practices in its decision-making.

It also has a board of directors made up of seven responsible committees from different areas, which, in turn, are evaluated in terms of performance, audits, legal provisions, internal control systems, and action plans, among other evaluations.

As part of the commemoration of its 90 years in Mexico, Coca Cola took on three commitments among which the "Options" stand out, which guarantees that anywhere in our country you can choose a no-calorie option from its broad beverage portfolio.

Finally, it is important to recognize that, although there is no unique formula unique to consolidate corporate governance, all these companies have one thing in common: the recognition of the importance of their stakeholders for the benefit of the community they have created around the service or product they offer. 

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