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We promote the circular economy and waste reduction across the value chain by implementing sustainable packaging, efficient operations, and reducing food and water waste.

By 2030, we want to ensure that 100% of our packaging supports a circular economy, waste reduction, sustainable packaging, efficient operations, reduction of water consumption, and food waste.

Sustainable packaging

We implement new technologies to reduce environmental negative impact. Ten years ago, we incorporated the additive D2W into the ASTM 6954 standard and local regulations.

In Mexico,we pioneered the integration of D2W in metallized packaging. Currently, all our biodegradable packaging has this technology. We also innovate with the first compostable packaging* for the VITAL line, which can be disposed of as domestic and industrial compost since it decomposes naturally.

*EU 13432 composting standard and OK Compost certificate, issued by the TUV Institute in Austria.

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Post-consumption alliances

Because we know how important teamwork is, we promote recycling, correct waste management, and develop alliances to reduce environmental impact. Some associations we work with globally, are:

Food waste

By 2025, we committed to reducing food waste generated in our operations by 50% versus international protocols. In 2021, we continued the "War on Waste" (WOW) initiative, reaching 86% compliance.


We use water efficiently by treating and reusing it in all our operations. We encourage the responsible use of water by:

  • Optimization of cleaning processes
  • Use of technologies to treat and reuse water from our processes
  • Implementing alternative sources such as rainwater harvesting
  • Collective participation through partnerships with water funds

We have wastewater treatment plants globally, which allow us to reuse in different processes. In addition, we have 271 recyclers that use treated water for vehicle washing in our sales centers.

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2022 Achievements

Global: 90% of our packaging is recyclable

Global: 4.8 million kilograms of plastic packaging reduced from 2010 to date

Global: 90% of our waste is recycled

Global: 87% reuse of treated water in all operations

See our Sustainability Report 2021