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Audit and Best Corporate Practices Committee

The Committee is composed of only independent members of the Board and its primary functions consist of:
  • Verifying that the operations of Grupo Bimbo are carried out in compliance with the applicable regulatory framework, having the power to evaluate and supervise the work of senior management in matters related to adherence to accounting policies and practices, the performance of the auditor or internal and external auditors of Grupo Bimbo.
  • Investigating violations of internal control and internal audit policies and evaluating risk management policies, among others.
Issue opinions on:
  • Modifications and significant changes that may have been made to the policies, criteria and accounting practices under which the financial statements of Grupo Bimbo are prepared.
  • The execution of relevant or unusual transactions.
  • Transactions with related parties, opinions regarding the appointment, evaluation and dismissal of the General Director and other relevant executives.
  • The policies for the full remuneration of the CEO and of other relevant directors of Grupo Bimbo.

Committee members

Edmundo Miguel Vallejo Venegas
Jaime Antonio El Koury
Maria Eugenia Casar Pérez
María Luisa Jorda Castro
Juana Francisca de Chantal Llano Cadavid
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