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Grupo Bimbo, a Role Model in Clean Transportation

Last June 25, Mexico City’s Reforma newspaper published the progress of the “Clean Transportation” Program of which Grupo Bimbo is a member.
“Clean Transportation”
Mexico City
Grupo Bimbo ha participado en este programa desde hace tres años, Grupo Bimbo has participated in this program for three years

, and in late 2011 was awarded Clean Transportation recognition by SEMARNAT

Using data from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT; Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales) last June 25, Mexico City’s Reforma newspaper published the progress of the “Clean Transportation” Program of which Grupo Bimbo is a member.

By March, the Program had 79 registered companies; it had evaluated 10,442 vehicles, and avoided 634,486 tons of emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

The above Program is intended to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and operational costs of the vehicles used by federal and private freight, passenger and tourism transportation companies on federal jurisdiction roads, as well as among the users of the same.

It should be pointed out that the Program is voluntary and was developed by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes), and SEMARNAT. It is up to each of the members of the Program to decide what they want to invest in, how much, and when.

Grupo Bimbo has participated in this program for three years, and in late 2011 was awarded “Clean Transportation” recognition by SEMARNAT.

EThe benefits of participating in this Program include: learning the environmental impact of transportation fleets; reducing such impacts by means of recommended strategies and technologies; lowering operational costs; gaining registered users’ preference for certain freight companies; and improving the public image of members through recognitions awarded by both ministries.

Grupo Bimbo has been evaluated as one of the best companies by the Clean Transportation Program:


Grupo Bimbo: Empresas con Beneficio Programa Ecológico

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