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Grupo Bimbo will donate more than 5.8 million slices of bread to food banks

The virtual edition of the Global Energy Race gathered more than 294 thousand runners in 112 countries. Once again, runners who registered had the opportunity to help those who need it the most.
Grupo Bimbo will donate more than 5.8 million slices of bread to food banks
Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo, the world's largest baking company, celebrated the 6th edition of the Global Energy Race (GER). This is the second to be held virtually, with more than 294 thousand runners in 112 countries, with which Grupo Bimbo reaffirms its commitment to promoting physical activity and the adoption of healthy lifestyles. Also, as it is tradition, GER is a race with a cause, in which for each registration, the company donates 20 slices of bread, achieving this year the donation of more than 5.8 million slices that will be delivered to various food banks around the world.

This race is positioned as the Company's most relevant sporting event with a cause and this edition featured different distances, to be completed between October 4 and 11. Runners could choose to run 1, 3, 5, or 10 kilometers, wherever they preferred or make an equivalent video of exercises at home. The virtual nature of the race favored greater participation, as runners from all over the world joined in.

Of all the cities with participants in Global Energy Race, the countries with the highest number of runners registered for the race were as follows:

  • China, with +85,000 participants
  • Mexico, with +58,000 participants
  • Peru, with +35,000 participants

"At Grupo Bimbo we have been able to adapt with agility to current times and the 6th edition of our Global Energy Race is a clear example of our resilience, that has led us to attain great results. We want to thank our more than 294 thousand runners at this edition who, by joining this great cause, showed their commitment, solidarity and allowed us to donate more than 5.8 million slices of bread to food banks around the world ", said Alberto Levy, Global Marketing Vice President at Grupo Bimbo. "We invite you to get ready for our 2022 edition, to continue joining forces, thus helping more people. See you next year!" he added.

In addition, this year, the race had its own mobile application, which includes training and nutrition tips, healthy recipes and monthly challenges, where runners can, even after finishing the race, continue to have a training plan to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

With these results, the company demonstrated its commitment to the well-being of the people and the communities where they have a presence and achieved its objective of, together, the company and its participants, to do their bit to help together more than ever.